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        What is the difference between plum blossom coupling processed by precision machine tool and common coupling?

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        With the reform of the times and the progress of science and technology, most of China's machinery industry adopts automation and semi-automation equipment, which can also be divided into CNC precision machine tools and common machine tool capping processing technology. Comparing with ordinary machine tools, can CNC machine tools get more extensive usage and better advantages, mainly from the following points can be reflected:
        (1) The Plum Blossom Elastic Coupling machined by NC machine tool has faster processing time and saves better time than that machined by ordinary machine tool.
        (2) The efficiency of Plum Blossom Coupling machined by NC machine tool is improved, and the number of personnel can be reduced better. One person can operate more than one machine tool.
        (3) The dimension accuracy of plum blossom coupling machined by NC machine tool is higher and the error is smaller.
        (4) Plum blossom couplings machined by NC machine tools can ensure high polish of steel parts themselves.
        Through the above points, it can be proved that the use of CNC machine tools processing coupling can greatly increase both efficiency and quality, so that more machinery industries use new CNC equipment processing to ensure better follow the pace of the times, thus carrying out a transformation.
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